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Toxic Media ~ Available 9/24/2021

Toxic Media ~ Available 9/24/2021


"don't let the internet build you"

Toxic media is a 4 piece collection. Details for each piece below.
Toxic Media T-Shirt

     This T-shirt shows Dripnmodz fighting back! All creators and their followings love building cars, it's became popular, and we all share the same passion. The problem is the internet effects your confidence which destroys your creativity. Be who you are, wear what you want, build the car you want to drive. Dripnmodz supports you✊🏼


"Build your cars how you want, don't let the internet build em for you"
Toxic Media Bottoms
     Three location printed sweat pants! We decided to go for a look that expressed our creativity, we custom design all our clothes the same way we design our car builds. We wanted them to look different than any other sweat pants you already own. Check out the back calf location on both the pant legs. Shits hype.
Toxic Media Long Sleeve 
      The long sleeve has is a high quality long sleeve. Its the perfect piece to get you through the weather transition. Dripnmodz is blasted across the chest, looks clean, simple, and looks amazing with the sweat pants.
      Quality is key, here are some pictures to give an example of out Toxic Media Long Sleeve!
Toxic Media Jet Tag
      Dripnmodz first jet tag! We have had a high request rate for jet tags and now they're available. Fully embroidered, double sided, and branded Toxic Media logos. These make handling your keys easier plus you look good doing it. Gang!
Toxic Media Full Fit

Available Friday 9/24/2021


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